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The Best Cannoli Shells on the Planet

from Panda Media Inc. on Vimeo.

What are Cannoli?

A Cannoli is a unique and delicious Italian pastry believed to have originated in Sicily around the first century A.D. It is a “tube-like” dessert that consists of a crispy fried pastry shell filled with Cannoli Cream (made from sweetened ricotta cheese). The Cannoli Shell is typically made from Flour, Sugar, Eggs, Vinegar, Salt, Vanilla, and Water.

Although the shells are traditionally filled with a variety of sweet and rich ricotta cheese recipes, many bakeries also fill them with yellow or chocolate custard. Each bakery, restaurant and coffee shop has their own recipe that gives their Cannoli a unique taste. Many ice cream shops have also filled the Shells with ice cream, adding an American twist to a traditional Italian dessert.

The best thing about Cannoli is their broad appeal. There is no such thing as a non-cannoli lover since a Cannoli can be filled with just about anything. This versatility makes Cannoli unlike any other dessert item. The filling possibilities are endless and can be frequently changed to meet the desired selections of guests or patrons.

Don’t be afraid to experiment; try your favorite flavors of pudding, mousse, custard, ice cream, whipped cream or anything else you can think of, depending on your mood.

Here's a testimonial from one of our satisfied customers:

Dear Val & Golden Cannoli,

We had an incredible weekend up in the White Mountains for our intimate wedding and our guests just raved about the cannoli. The cannoli added to the uniqueness and personality of the day and to my discontent, there wasn’t any cannoli left to savor the next day!!! I couldn’t have imagined my wedding any different and the cannoli definitely added that special touch. Thank you Golden Cannoli for making the process easy and my wedding day special.

Thanks again,
Michele & Dave
Cherry Hill, NJ


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