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The Golden Cannoli™ Story

In 1970, Francesco Bono and Angelo Bresciani were running two Italian bakeries and selling their cannoli to other local bakeries and restaurants. The demand for their cannoli shells was so great that they started Golden Cannoli™ Shells Company. Since then they have strived to provide the highest quality cannoli shells at a very reasonable price.

Today, forty years later, every cannoli is still hand-rolled and
nationwide foodservice providers have come to know golden cannoli as the
premium cannoli shell. Having owned two bakeries themselves, Francesco
and Angelo understand one thing, “in the food industry, there can be no
substitute for quality in presentation or taste.

Francesco Gusieppe Bono Chairman &
Chief Executive Officer
Angelo Bresciani Chairman &
Chief Executive Officer
Eric Bresciani Assistant Vice-President  
Valerie Ann Bono VP Sales & Marketing  
Ed Bresciani Operations Manager  
Maria Elena Malloy VP Marketing & Advertising  


I am so thrilled that you are now supplying us with cannoli chips. We were first introduced to the cannoli chip sensation on a visit to Michigan. We have quite a bit of family there. The area of Michigan that they are in is very authentically Sicilian. A people that are very proud of their heritage. The concept of dipping and sharing is very familiar to Italians, hence, Cannoli Chips!

We tried the concept out here at our home on the North Shore and it was a great hit. We had a plate of different flavored ricotta, and at that time, broken cannoli shells. Our guest were dipping like crazy. So I said to my husband that I wish someone would make cannoli chips. Well my wish came true. We are now selling them in our 3 bakeries and sales look good. One day into it and they are all the buzz.

Thanks for taking a concept and bringing forward. By the way, the chips are so addictive.

D'Amici's Bakery

Member of:

National Association for the Specialty Food Trade
Massachusetts Food Association